Svnwiki is a program that gives a Wiki interface to a Subversion revision control repository, allowing anyone to edit files in a Subversion repository using a web browser. As well as the wiki interface, it is possible to work with the regular Subversion commands (svn log, svn diff, svn checkout, svn commit and so forth).

Svnwiki is written in the Scheme programming language and runs under CGI in Chicken Scheme calling libsvn directly. The lead developer is Colombian systems engineer Alejandro Forero Cuervo. Svnwiki is free software under the GNU General Public License.


Features Edit

Svnwiki features not commonly found in other wiki engines include:

  • Syntax highlighting over multiple text file formats using GNU Enscript.
  • Editing remote Subversion repositories.
  • Extensible interwiki link syntax.
  • Email edit diffs as patches.
  • Per-file CSS files.
  • Setting the display rendering of a file per file.
  • Repository directory tree browsing.

Limitations Edit

  • Cannot edit multiple files in a single commit, as one normally could with Subversion.
  • Runs as a CGI, which can cause performance concerns.

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