SourceForge is a collaborative software development management system. SourceForge software is sold by VA Software. It provides a front-end to a range of software development lifecycle services and integrates with a number of open source applications (such as PostgreSQL and CVS)., also known as SF.NET, is a centralized location for software developers to control and manage open source software development, and acts as a source code repository. is hosted by VA Software and runs a version of the SourceForge software. A large number of open source projects are hosted on the site (it had reached 100,000 by May 2005), although it does contain a lot of dormant or single-user projects.

The Free Software Foundation created their Savannah development site as a response to the perceived proprietarization (closed source state) of the SourceForge software. Several collaborative sites now exist that utilize the SourceForge software.

The SourceForge code was once available publicly, but later VA Software decided not to make any further open source releases. Last officially available code was 2.5, and the CVS version just before closing was 2.61. Savannah is a derived work based on the 2.0 version. In late 2003, VA Software issued the first release of SourceForge Enterprise Edition 4.x - a complete rewrite of the application as a Java-J2EE application. Reports from organizations deploying SourceForge 4.x indicate that performance and scalability are significantly greater than the SourceForge 3.x or preceding 2.x code base. SourceForge 4.x also supports a broad SOAP XML Web Services API for further integration and extensibility.

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