An Operating system is a collection of programs that allow other programs to run on computer hardware.

Parts Edit

  • kernel
- memory management
- file system
- network stack
  • application run-time environment[s]

Operating Systems Edit

Unix Edit

The original Unix was mostly written in the C programming language. Because of this it was the first operating system that was available on a wide variety of hardware. There are now many different versions as the source code has been forked many times. It has been largely replaced by Linux which is itself unix-like

BSD Edit

A Unix Distribution licensed under the BSD Licence. While this is still an open source licence it does allow you to use the code without showing the modifed source code. Because of this BSD has been used in Apples OSX and some of the networking tools were used in Windows.

Minix Edit

Minix is a simple unix-like operating system designed for educational purposes.

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