Netscape Navigator Edit

Netscape Navigator was the web browser application in the Netscape Suite. It's initial release was version 1.0 on 15 December, 1994. And development officially stopped on 28 Debember 2007

A Brief History Edit

Netscape was known to many as the thought leader in web browsing, and had developed a number of complementary pieces of software that allowed for a rich suite of internet tools. In 1999 AOL baught Netscape.

At the time of the acquisition, the Netscape team had begun working on converting their flagship product - the Netscape Communicator web suite - into open source software, under a new name: Mozilla.

AOL played a significant role in the launch of the Netscape 6 browser, the first Mozilla-based, Netscape-branded browser that was released in 2000 and continued to solely fund the development and marketing efforts of Netscape-branded browsers. In 2003, an independent foundation was created to support the continued development of the open source web suite. AOL was a major source of support for the Mozilla Foundation and the company continued to develop versions of the Netscape browser based on the work of the foundation.

Due to lack of market share the netscape project was handed to Mozilla.

Support Edit

Netscape ceased providing support for Navigator on 1st March 2008

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