NeoKylin is a Linux Operating System developed and promoted by China. Unlike it's predecessor Ubuntu Kylin, NeoKylin is the enterprise distribution produced by the China Standard Software(CS2C)/Defense collaboration and is based on RHEL 7.

NeoKylin manual is "紅 帽 Linux 7.0 官 方 入 門 指 南 手 冊" (Red Hat Linux 7.0 Official Start Guide Handbook)

Additional Supported Software:

  • Amaya for Linux V9.2.1-1
  • Opera for Linux V8.02 Technical Preview 1
  • XMail v1.21 for Linux
  • Mozilla(Firefox) V1.7.5 For Linux
  • Apache v2.0.52 for Linux
  • nVidia Linux Display Driver - x86

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