MobileBG is a free backgammon game for J2ME-capable mobile devices. It is free software licensed under the GNU General Public License. It features three difficulty levels, a tutor mode, automatic saving and restoring of games and matches, and cumulative statistics for wins and losses. It is based on artificial neural network technology.

Currently it plays at a advanced level in most positions, but makes measurable or even serious errors in other positions. An overhaul of the AI is planned to resolve these issues.


MobileBG should run on most devices compatible with the J2ME standard. A color or grayscale display is required (simple black and white will not work). Either the current release or a previous version is known to work on the following hardware models:

  • Motorola RAZR V3
  • Nokia 6230, 6600
  • Sony Ericsson K700, P800, P900, T610, T630, Z1010

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