• Baïkal, a lightweight CalDAV+CardDAV server
  • Chandler - As of 2012, there have been no releases for over two years and the project seems to be orphaned.
  • CiviCRM - customer relationship management software
  • Claws Mail (the vCalendar plugin is required to handle iCalendar in Claws Mail)
  • DAViCal server for calendar sharing
  • Drupal with its event module
  • etm (text based event and task manager) export to iCal
  • Joomla there are several plugins available
  • Moodle will export iCalendar data or let you subscribe to a Moodle iCalendar feed.
  • Org-mode - an Emacs mode for organising your life.
  • OLAT - LMS supporting import and export of personal and shared calendars via iCalendar
  • Orage - part of the Xfce desktop, can import and export .ics files.
  • Osmo (PIM)[1]
  • ownCloud - cloud storage and services including WebDAV, CalDAV and CardDAV.
  • phlyMail (groupware)
  • PHP iCalendar - viewer/parser to display iCals in a Web browser
  • Plone open source content management system
  • Request Tracker - a ticket-tracking and call-center application. Exports iCalendar data.
  • SOGo - a integrated groupware with Apple iCal, Mozilla Thunderbird support and native Outlook compatibility
  • SPIP a CMS that allows the export of its site calendar in the iCalendar format.
  • Sunbird (a Mozilla stand-alone application, discontinued)
  • TYPO3 via its Calendar Base Extension
  • vTigerCRM (CRM)[2]
  • YaMA - Yet another Meeting Assistant
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