Instiki is a Ruby-based Wiki clone written by David Heinemeier Hansson. Until Version 0.11 it was maintained by Alexey Verkhovsky - currently it is maintained by Matthias Tarasiewicz. It is very easy to install and set up, and can be used under Linux, Mac OS X or Windows. It accomplishes its two-step install (install Ruby, run instiki.rb) by using WEBrick, a web server, and Active Record, a major component in the Ruby on Rails framework. Until Instiki 0.11.0, released March 19, 2006, Madeleine, a persistence layer that ships with the standard distribution of Ruby, was used. The Ruby on Rails Wiki ( runs a modified version of instiki, called i2.

Instiki also has the seldom-seen feature of offering a choice of markup languages: Textile, Markdown, and RDoc are supported. Instiki is full-featured, offering revision history, RSS feeds, and password protected webs.

Its persistence layer makes Instiki's install fast and easy (two steps). Yet it's very difficult to edit Instiki's persisted data compared to an SQL repository.

The latest Instiki version (Instiki 0.11) supports in full the Ruby on Rails structure, and also uses a RDBMS as backend data repository.

Instiki is written using a Model View Controller model and its platform is a subset of the Ruby on Rails framework.

Instiki is currently undergoing a rewrite, mostly focusing on the problem of Wiki spam.

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  • Pimki, a descendent of Instiki.

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