Whether it is the effect of a worldwide recession, espionage, or rejection of Microsoft related services, Governments around the world have started adopting Free & Open Source Software

  • Turin in Italy decides to ditch Windows XP for Ubuntu [1]
  • South Korea ponders move to Linux from Microsoft Windows XP [2]
  • IceLand public-sector moving to Linux[3]
  • UK Government moves to Open Document Format as the new official internal document format. [4]
  • Italy prioritizes requisition of FOSS over propriety software.[5]
  • Delhi (Capital of India) announces move to Open Source Software in Government and Education[6]
  • China collaborating with Canonical to create the China Operating System [7]
  • French police is moving to GendBuntu, distro based on Ubuntu[8][9]
  • Munich (in Germany) finished migrating to Limux, distro based on Ubuntu[10]
  • Indonesian Government contemplates move to Open Source Software[11]
  • North Korea's homegrown Linux Red Star OS,[12] probably runs on all North Korean government computers.
  • China having banned Windows 8 as insecure and energy inefficient, is developing a Windows alternative.[13]
  • Russia moves to ban IBM, Oracle, EMC, & Microsoft.

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