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== [[News]] ==
== [[News]] ==
<small>[[News/Propose|Propose]] new articles for the frontpage.</small>
<small>[[News/Propose|Propose]] new articles for the frontpage.</small>
=== '''May, 18th 2007''': Collaboration of the Month ===
Open Source Wiki is featured as [[Wikia:Collaboration_of_the_month/Open_Source/Blurb|Collaboration of the month]] on central Wikia. Thanks to everyone who voted for it. You are invited to [[Special:Wantedpages|create new articles]] or join the effort to create a new [[Project:New Logo|new logo]].
=== '''May, 8th 2007''': Sun Opens Java ===
[ Sun Microsystems] passes the ''desktop development platform'' for the [[Java Standard Edition]] (Java SE JDK) to the [ OpenJDK Community]. The Java-JDK shall now be published as open source software at the conditions of the [[GNU General Public License]] (GPL) Version 2, the most commonly used free software license. []

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Propose new articles for the frontpage. Template:News

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