Comparison of Free & Open Source Software

FOS Productivity Software[edit | edit source]

Name Platform type Website Description
GIMP all Rastor art, photo editor Photoshop Alternative
Darktable photography workflow application, RAW developer
Inkscape all Vector Art, Illustrator Alternative
KTooN /Tupi Linux, OSX 2D Animation
Synfig Studio 2D vector Animation Flash Alternative
LibreCAD 2D CAD AutoSketch Alternative
Blender 3D Modeling & Animation 3DS Max / Maya alternative
OpenSCAD 3D CAD AutoCAD alternative
FreeCAD 3D CAD AutoCAD alternative
Sweet Home 3D Windows,

JavaWS for others

3D Home Design 3D Computer Aided Home Design
Art of Illusion 3D modelling
MakeHuman all 3D Character Creation
Ardour Audio recorder, editor, re-mixer
Audacity Audio recorder & editor
Open Movie Editor Linux Movie Editor (in Development)
Flowblade Linux video editor
KdenLive Linux, OS X video editor
OpenShot Linux video editor
Lives Linux, OS X video editor
Cinelerra Linux Video editor [in development]
VideoLan Movie Creator all movie editor [in development]
Avidemux simple video editor
Handbrake video format converter
Miro Video Converter video format converter
CamStudio Computer screen and audio recorder
PDF Edit
Scribus Article Publishing
Kompozer all web design Dreamweaver / FrontPage Alternative
Open Office Office suit

  • Writer - word processor
  • Calc - spreadsheet.
  • Impress - Slide presentation.
  • Draw - illustrations.
  • Base - databases editor.
  • Math - mathematical formula software with a GUI. Microsoft Office Alternative
Libre Office Office Suit

  • Text
  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentation
  • Drawing
  • Database
  • Formula Microsoft Office Alternative

FOS Consumption software[edit | edit source]

FOS Utility Software[edit | edit source]

Compatibility layers (System Libraries)[edit | edit source]

Libraries containing re-coded system files from a specific operating systems, to run Software native to that operating systems on another operating system.

FOS Game Engines[edit | edit source]

3D FOSS Engines:

  • Panda3D - 3D engine using Python and with web plug-ins. Good for fast development and used by Disney for various games.
  • Blender Game Engine - Integrated into the Blender 3d modeler. Allows for fast building of games instantly using assets created in Blender. Games can be build using "logic blocks" or Python code.
  • Ogre3d - Powerful for game graphics, but not much else. Used in various commercial games.
  • ID Software Github
    • ioQuake3 - Advanced version of Quake 3 engine
    • ioDoom3 - Open source Doom 3 engine, supported by the guys behind ioQuake3

2D FOSS Engines:

HTML5 + CSS + Javascript frameworks like OpenGL, WebGL

FOS Games[edit | edit source]

See: Gaming on Linux

FOS Console emulators[edit | edit source]

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